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Support our campaign

Home News Support our campaign

The challenges of the past year have prompted reflection and change. When the pandemic caused us to close Rosehill's doors in March 2020, we never imagined our work would still be restricted more than 12 months later.

However, the team has remained positive and determined, finding new ways to be creative, from digital Rosehill on the Road performances and working with partners to support the community through a food boxes project, to live entertainment in the car park and a socially distanced family show on stage.

We passionately believe that culture is key to building creative, resilient and hopeful communities, and we look forward to a future of ever-greater impact, in line with our mission of Lifting spirits, changing lives, together.

In the past year, we have been hugely grateful for the support of individual donors, key stakeholders, local council and Government grants (existing and new) and Arts Council England, without whom we simply would not have survived.

We are excited for the future but we do need further funding and are looking to build on the help we have received so far.

We would be very grateful if you would take the time to read about the difference you could make by joining those who already support us and contribute to our work at Rosehill and "on the road" in our diverse communities. If you can, please support us.

We are grateful to the following organisations for capital funding:

We are grateful to the following organisations for revenue funding:


We are grateful to the following organisations for their in kind support: